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Taxpayer membership

For individuals and business owners :-
$15 p/m
Utilize the knowledge resources and the availability of our experts to help you take advatange of the tax breaks available to you.

Expert membership

For tax practictioners and firms :-
$15 p/m
Tap into a network or potential clients and referal sources. Network, collaborate share knowledge and gain exposure for your business

Taxpayer membership benefits

Individuals and business owners are losing money to the tax system because of lack of accessible information, complex tax jargon and struggling to find a trusted and reliable adviser to guide them. Many individuals and business owners are unaware of the various tax-saving opportunities that exist or are unsure of how to take advantage of them.

However, by utilizing knowledge resources and the availability of experts that the tax empowerment network offers you can equip yourself with the information to understand where you can take advantage of the tax breaks available to you.

  • Worksheets, tools and resources
  • Directory of experts
  • How-to courses and guides
  • Ask the expert sessions (live and pre-recorded)
  • Templates and calculators
  • Personal member portal
  • Guidance and advice on tax topics
  • Access to member community of social media

Expert Membership benefits

Practitioners and firms can often face challenges when it comes to reaching their ideal clients or breaking into new market areas. Limited resources and a lack of established reputation can make it difficult to gain visibility in a competitive market. However, being part of the Tax Empowerment Network can significantly aid in overcoming these obstacles.

Our community of like-minded professionals allows you to tap into a network of potential clients and referral sources. The opportunities for networking, collaboration, and sharing of best practices, allows tax businesses to gain exposure and establish credibility. Additionally, we support you with marketing resources, educational materials, and support tailored to growing and expanding your business.

  • Expert Directory listing
  • Seal of approval as an expert
  • Exclusivity in your industry
  • Marketing, advertising & PR exposure opportunities
  • CPE courses
  • Business mentoring & webinars
  • Collaborate with other professionals
  • Connect with taxpayers looking for your expertise
  • Move into new markets